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Everything About Us, Almost


Founded in 2006 by Danes Michael Ostergaard and Jonas Wulff Moller, the Design Collection journey began in Singapore, where the company owned and managed the retail operations of the Bang & Olufsen flagship store located in the center of the city’s main shopping district. Since then, the company has expanded its retail, wholesale and operational network across Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, with close to 1,000 point of sales in about 100 countries across the 3 continents.

With 3 offices strategically located in Denmark, Singapore and Australia, the Design Collection team supports its network globally, through its strengths in marketing, sales and effective point of sale solutions – thereby allowing their partners and brands to focus on growth, without compromising on their unique DNA and heritage.

In May 2021, Design Collection embarked on an exciting journey with Lars Larsen Group, the latter becoming 30% co-owner of the company, as Jonas stepped down from his position as Director at Design Collection to explore other business opportunities.

With Design Collection focused on its company vision of taking Danish design brands global, it today owns Ro Collection, and distributes the brand in addition to Bang & Olufsen, Georg Jensen, by Lassen, Menu, Silkeborg Uldspinderi, One A, Lemus and Christina Lundsteen through its extensive network – a commitment the company takes to showcase the unique expressions of Danish design and functionality to the world outside of Scandinavia.

Why Choose Us

3 strategically located offices in Denmark, Singapore and Australia

9 Danish luxury lifestyle brands, each with its unique heritage, but with the same dedication to quality craftsmanship, design and attention to detail.

More than 1,000 active retailers worldwide.


  • A direct sales team in department stores.
  • Brand specialists to provide product and sales training; conduct visual merchandising updates (where direct point of sale teams are not applicable).
  • In-house visual merchandising design for quality retail display standards.
  • 24/7 online ordering platform and access to stocks in regional warehouses ensuring fast delivery and lower capital binding during transit – a key topic in today’s terms of business.
  • Ability to consolidate shipments across brands and reach any retailer in the world within ten days.
  • Marketing support, development and localisation, focused on sell-out.
  • Strong ties with chain retailers through our existing network.